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Record Reviews:

Album of the Month

Artist: Various
Title: Re-Evolution
Label: Flying Rhino

Well, what we have here is 22 tracks of Liquid trancing beats spread over 2 CDs. The Album is a showcase of everything Flying Rhino from slow, fluid break-beats to squelching trippy hard trance and everything in between. The line-up includes artists such as Slinky Wizard, Boom Devil, Blue Planet Corporation and Slide. Overall a really well put together album with excellent production that gets progressively deeper and harder the further into it you go.

9 outa 10

Artist: John "OO" Fleming
Title: Licenced to Thrill
Label: Automatic

***Album Launch Party at Monastery Saturday 13th March***
DJ/Producer and all round busyman John "OO" Fleming is here with his new mix album. This is 13 tracks of progressive Hardhouse/Trance, featured artists include Jon the Dentist, Lost Tribe, Paul Van Dyke and of course John himself. This is an all-round nicely put together, if a little commercial for me (well it is at the Monastery) album.

7 outa 10

***The Twelves***

Twelve of the Month

Artist: Acid Perverts
Title: Get it Out
Label: Smitten

This is my favourite this month, two tracks of Hard and Funky London Acid techno. The 'A' side is a gently building percussion driven Hypnotizer that is laced with squelching 303's.The Flip 'Stick it in' is deeper, harder, but equally trancey all built around a 'heads down, here we go!' bassline. More from the Acid Perverts coming soon I hope.

10 outa 10

Artist: Rozzer's Dog
Title: World War 303
Label: Stay Up Forever

Rozzer's Dog are back on plastic for their latest 2-track excursion into Hard as Hell Funky Techno. World War 303 is a storming bassline driven tune that builds into a sinister 303 acid techno monster fully loaded with Daleks on Ketamin, Air-Raid Sirens and machine guns, What more could a World War 303 require? As the old saying goes "you can't keep a pig's dog down" or summat like that.

9 outa 10

Artist: DJ Toxic
Title: Forgotten Futures
Label: Geometry

DJ Toxic, ex-'Nebula' Hardcore collective, is here with the second release on the Geometry label. This is a three-track ramble into the world of harsh but funky techno. All three tracks cover the spectrum of deep hard trippy acid with loads of weird noises and a hypnotic but overall 'avin' it techno feeling.

8 outa 10

Artist: E.Z. Riders
Title: Chopper
Label: Cluster

Harsh, Harsh, Harsh, Aaron Liberator...Harsh, Harsh, Harsh, "Geezer" McAffer. Cluster still following a noticeable pattern change from Plod to Harsh. Ok two tracks of Harsh and seriously 'avin it Techno, not for the faint-hearted, but most certainly very good for people with nut allergies, as Choppers are renowned for Nut-Whacking due to precarious Gear Sticks. The flip side 'Grifter' is a safer bet due to Twist Grips and Padded Handlebars.

8 outa 10

Artist: Barabas & OD1
Title: Deeper '99 Remix
Label: Phoenix Uprising

Hmmmmm, Probably due about now. Two reworks; one by Jon the Dentist & Shane Morris and the other by the Knuckleheadz. Jon the Dentist and Shane Morris bounce in with a hardhouse romp in typical Phoenix Vein with anthem-type breaks and nice synth riffs. The Knuckleheadz go for a commercial but slightly harder Nu-Nrg style rework. Both tracks are sure to be big in the clubs coz, errr, I said so...

8 outa 10

Artist: K90
Title: Receptor B
Label: Aquarius

Aquarius records sees it's 24th release with K90 on studio duty. Two tracks of well paced Psychadelic Trancey Techno. Side "A" 'Receptor' is a little more housey and has a break a little reminiscent of Phoenix Uprising and the old "in my house" sample which is sure to please a lot of people. But the flip 'The Mind of Man' reminds me of 1033290122 (a harder number altogether). Both packed full of energy and, even if you don't like the breaks, there's still plenty to play with.

8 outa 10

Artist: Geezer
Title: Dusthead 2000
Label: Smitten

Guy McAffer making a welcome with his 3rd solo release. 'Dushead 2000' throws us headlong into a Progressive Hard-Trance frenzy that's longer than the queue at my local interbreeding centre for people with no toes. The flip - 'Tickling the Trout' - is along similar lines if a little harder and this one's gotta be longer than the queue for Ginsters Pasties on the Eclipse? I 'spect!

9 outa 10

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