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Record Reviews:

Album of the Month

Artist: Various
Title: Clusterfuck
Label: Cluster

Here it is folks, the best of Cluster on CD at last. Cluster is the label that has seen the likes of D.A.V.E the Drummer, DDR, The Geezer, Liberators etc. Finally, pick 10 tracks of complete filthy mayhem and stick 'em together on a CD. Featuring tracks from Smog Blanket, Digital Destroyer, Temperature Drop and S.O.B. to name but a few. Every track on this compilation has been played on Radio 1FM by John Peel and with fans including Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Billy Nasty and Commander Tom, what can I say?

10 outta 10

The 12 inchers

Artist: The Dead Terrapins
Title: I Can't Dance
Label: Input

Dr D. Terrapin and Terrapin Jr. get together for a winding trip into the darker side of acid n' bass, with trippy weirdness going on throughout. The flip-side 'Let's get Pilled' is more techno influenced, trancey, but ultimately dark and scary both are very good and very different.

8 outta 10

Artist: Kamaflarge
Title: Electric Mistress
Label: Tortured

This, the 14th release on Billy Nasty's Tortured Label, is three tracks of differing styles, my favourite being 'Electric Mistress', a grinding stomper packed full of weird keyboard stabs and an awesome B-line that chugs and grunts along working it's way into the background as the tune builds up.

9 outta 10

Artist: Rowland the Bastard
Title: Freak Show
Label: Abstraction

This is the second release from Cullompton-based record label, Abstraction. The 'A' Side, 'Solid Liquid' by the Abstraction boys is a fast paced Acid trancer with some nice 303 riffs. The 'B' Side is 'Freak Show' by top label hopper Rowland the Bastard and as you may expect is a darker, more sinister Acid Techno affair.

9 outta 10

Artist: Da Goose
Title: Materialistik
Label: A1

Top Dutch producer/DJ Da Goose, goes to town on the title track of his forthcoming album with three remixes. The first is by Laidback Luke (no so laidback here tho') then goes Lambda Vs Da Goose with a tripped out techno version and last, but not least, is the Original Album version. All in all, three tracks of diverse Trippy, Electro-inspired Techno.

7 outta 10

Artist: The Freaquez
Title: Between the Lines
Label: Tortured

The Freaquez are on duty for Billy Nasty this time, serving up two sides of Straight Laced Techno both work really well and are... shall I say, a little different from what I imagined when I realised that they're none other than Noom's Commander Tom and Andy Trex. To hear it you wouldn't believe it.

9 outta 10

Artist: Umbilical Chord
Title: Glass Fibre
Label: Cluster

Cluster are up to their usual tricks this month. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the dancefloor, they drop this on you. Two tracks of floor mangling, teeth-grinding, techno - both as nasty as each other and yet both so different. Still, in the words of Reeves and Mortimer on some TV yoghurt advert, 'Pleasure is always followed by pain'

8 outta 10

Artist: The Light
Title: Expand the Room
Label: Hooj Choons

Wahaay, a double pack! Well, this is a little different. Four tracks of DJ-friendly Trance Breakbeats with a housey influence and all of it sounds really fresh and new... The Boys are gaining loads of exposure after recent Magazine features and also Rocking John Digweed's 'Bedrock' night and the 'Viper Rooms' in America (Famous for River Phoenix). Is this to be the new style for...'99??

8 outta 10

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