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deadman's flats,
The Funnel,
April 1st 1999

Another student band in another student venue. Logically though some student bands go on to greater things. deadman's flats might be one of the minority to do so.

Their new introductory instrumental is sheer class. There's no lyrics required for poignantly resonant music. Slint, Mogwai et al have proved that already - deadman's flats are trying to and they've largely succeeded.

Some of their material is forgettable, but when they work, you can't help be impressed. 'film stills' is the first thing they've done that's tinged with genius. John Cowhie's vocals are haunting and the three guitars help weave an awesome aural soundscape.

Despite some national airplay & a gig plug by Dave Fanning the attendance was low. Most students had gone home for the week and it highlighted a disparity in their fan base.

Tonight they introduced background visuals, 'though there should be a few more of other band members and the angle of projection didn't do them justice. And to prove they can still chew corn and take the piss out of themselves, they've gone and dropped 'Bootie Call' for 'Don't You Want Me Baby'.

A message though for The Funnel - Sort out the sound system. The feedback when bands play is dreadful and at this stage it's unacceptable because it's been like this for months. Still the fact that the band still sounded impressive suggests that musically they've gone well beyond the average benchmark of developing bands.

by Neil Callanan