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Deadman's Flats,
Nov 18th 1998

Numerous walls had been plastered with posters advertising Deadman's Flats album launch and the word obviously got around. Over 250 people turned up in Whelan's to see them play.

Among the ordinary punter were Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentina - in Dublin shooting "Ordinary Decent Criminal", along with Glen Hansard of The Frames D.C. This was only the band's second time playing there but they're obviously starting to enjoy it. The show was the culmination of three months work and their relief was palpable. If Steve Fanagan's smile had been any bigger his mouth would look like Mick Jagger's.

The new gear at the venue and "fantastic" monitors meant that the band were constantly playing in unison - which is a rarity on too many occasions. Obviously fans of kitsch culture, the backdrop of the stage was all silver ribbons and their costumes mixed the suits of the Fun Lovin' Criminals with the dodgy clothes, and very dodgy shoes, of The Jam. This motif is carried on with an inlay photograph of the band lounging in a tiger-skin room on their album cover.

On the album, the vocals play as much a part as each instrument. However, Steve Fanagan and John Cowhie's voices just don't carry the same power as their on-stage personas. This was an intentional effect however as the band wanted to create a 'mellower' sound.

They were forced into this lo-fi approach by budgetary constraints - everything was recorded on three or four-track. Live, they are more impressive. The vocals come to the fore and the music is more powerful as a result.

They played twelve songs in total, including all the songs from the CD. They also played two non-album songs, 'Velvety' and 'This is What'. This is a band determined to remain independent and more than capable of doing so. Check them out.

by Neil Callanan