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Stadium Australia,
Saturday 12th June 1999.

In their first live anything since the death of front-man, Michael Hutchence, Aussie rock legends INXS were back, as one of the main attractions, playing at the Official Opening of the 2000 Olympic Games Stadium at Homebush Bay in Sydney, with a new lead singer. Who was the new lead singer I hear you ask, well it was none other than New York born singer, Terence Trent D'Arby. A weird choice I hear you say, agreement all round, but it was a masterstroke.

D'Arby shot to fame in the late eighties after the smash hit single 'Wishing Well' from his 1987 album, "Introducing the Hardline, according to Terence Trent D'Arby". This was somewhat a come-back for both, and a crowd of 90,000 people witnessed a short, but excellent performance of INXS tracks only.

D'Arby, dressed in an all-white suit, and new haircut, backed up by the Farriss family, was clearly enjoying himself (and why wouldn't he be, considering it was the biggest crowd he ever played in front of) belted out the hits 'New Sensation' from 1987's "Kick", 'Beautiful Girl' from the 1992 album "Welcome to wherever you are" and the aptly-titled 'Building Bridges' from the '97's "Elegantly Wasted". The crowd, including myself, loved it. But the best of the night was saved for the tribute to that man Hutchence, and the tear-jerk hit 'Never Tear us Apart' had a packed stadium deathly silent. And just as the crowd was getting really into the gig, it ended.

Whether this is a combination that is going to be repeated, neither INXS nor Terence Trent D'Arby had any comments to make when asked whether this was the beginning of a new era for both. But, if last weekend's gig was anything to go by, they should certainly think about it.

Incidentally, other acts that played that night were Wendy Matthews and new Aussie boy-band Human Nature, and the other main attraction was a soccer match between the Australian Socceroos and a FIFA World Select with the aussies winning 3-1, just in case you were interested.

by Greg Hughes