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Jack L - The Tivoli (November 14th)

If you want to seduce someone bring them to see this man. The problem is that they may end up being seduced by him rather than you.

Jack Lukeman can be regarded as one of Ireland's most talented and accomplished artists. Not many performers can boast of having elicited from their audience the demand for three encores. Not one, not two, but three.

And he didn't have a choice in the matter given the rapturous demands from his audience. This man is unique because he combines old-style performance values and a willingness to look ridiculous with a near-perfect & soulful singing technique. He is non-definable.

Live, he is at once disciplined - supported by a tight, polished band - and comfortable in his role as the captivating showman, coming complete with props that would usually appear contrived.

His set-list mostly included songs from recent-release "Acoustico", but the odd cover version and the stylish finesse in with which they were delivered proved that Jack L's considerable power lies in his voice. And what a voice, when the power went halfway through the set he sung an impromptu version of 'Hallelujah' as though it was nothing. For seven blissful minutes that song didn't belong to Leonard Cohen or even Jeff Buckley it was all Jack L's.

The voice is what his career has been built on. It ensures that his live performances surpass the quality of his recordings, as the latter can't captivate the power of his actual presence.

And who else would have the courage to come on stage for an encore wearing a peacock-feather mask, a glittering feather boa and singing Peggy Lee's 'Fever'.

Whatever else can be said about Jack L he is without doubt one of the hardest-working performers on the Irish circuit. The powerful energy and passion for his music that drove the performance cancelled absolutely the exhaustion, which must have resulted from the previous night's gig in Cork. Will the major labels please sit up and take note.

by Elaine O'Regan and Neil Callanan