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Mr Sunshine / Osmosis,
The Da Club,
Sept 26.

To tell the truth, the main purpose of this night was to chill out and have a few drinks. The bands were not exactly the top priority. Despite that, Osmosis did manage to attract attention a few times. The singer has a great voice and the band sound like Ocean Colour Scene fans who have actually heard the Small Faces. Not bad at all, expect to hear more.

Mr. Sunshine were much more noticable. That is largely due to the front-man. Tall, gangly, white suit, sunglasses and one hell of a voice. They play classic-style blues rock, echoes of the Faces, Free and Bad Company to be heard. The songs are not particularly memorable, but the quality of the playing from every member of the band does hint at greater things to come. There are three main suggestions I would make to them:

  1. Throw away all your Paul Weller albums. The ultra-boring Dad Rock tosser was to be sniffed out among the influences. Paul Weller, bad, Paul Rogers, good.
  2. Get a guitarist. Not that there's anything wrong with the guitar playing, but for live impact in this kind of band, the frontman needs to be free to move around and not held down by a guitar. Smells of Dad Rock again.
  3. Never EVER play "A Whiter Shade of Pale" again, EVER. The song is a delicate, classically influenced piece and one of the most wonderful pieces of music ever to come out of pop culture. IT DOES NOT NEED A DRUM SOLO OR GUITAR DISTORTION, IT IS NOT A BLUES NUMBER.
Ok, now that I've got that out of my system, Mr Sunshine a band with an awful lot of potential and the balls to play a style of music that is not exactly trendy at the moment. I wish them well and hope they don't take my little criticisms too personally, cos they're not meant to be.

by Donnacha DeLong