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The Mean Fiddler,
March 19th 1999

Rising Phoenix-like from the ashes of Kilkenny noiseniks Kerbdog, Wilt are a three-piece with seriously lofty potential. Their low-profile debut EP "No Worries" has three tracks, all of which sound different, yet are more readily classifiable than before. It's initial pressing is almost sold out and this gig proved why.

Any preconceptions you have of them based on Kerbdog are going to be wrong and are quickly forgotten. Wilt's sound is different; somehow more mature and resonant than their previous incarnation and they lose nothing in the transition to a live experience. Imagine some of the good West Coast punk, add a twist of Irish and a tinge of Kerbdog and you're still nowhere close to describing them.

Judging by the crowd's reaction the practice time they spent before they started recording their debut album was obviously paying off. Personal highlight is 'I want it all', one of the best songs I've heard this year. The only downer was the disappointing attendance; largely caused no doubt by Donal Dineen's 'Into the Night' opus.

Kerbdog's main problem was in marketing; Mercury couldn't decide how to sell them. Fortunately, Wilt shouldn't face many difficulties in that regard. The music should sell itself. Wilt appear destined to have their day in the sun.

by Neil Callanan