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Andy White -Teenage (Cooking Vinyl)

When you buy/receive a new Andy White album you don't expect radical change. If Andy recorded a rap album or a collection of Joe Dolan's greatest hits it would be front-page grabbing stuff. Thankfully Andy has done neither of the former. Teenage is "true Andy". I'm one who always liked the song-smith's neither simple nor difficult songs and everyday quirky lyrics as well as Andy's ehrm, how can I put it, particular voice Teenage is a welcomed addition to my autumn schedule.

An overriding theme on Teenage is relationships, and there are many references to his partner and his son. One of the most poignant descriptions of relations are to be found in I Couldn't Do It with the opening line of "If I had a car crash I want to have it with you. I couldn't do it without you".

More in the love line are Between a Man & a Woman which is one of the better songs on the album, along with Get Back Home which has a chorus that will stick to you like sellotape. If anyone ever wrote catchy choruses it was Mr White.

Teenage is a "settled" album and it sounds very cosy and warm and lovely. If you were unhappily in love with somebody I wouldn't recommend it because it might seem too sweet. If you in love then it provides a lovely soundtrack to everyday life.

by Anja Ekelof