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About us

SORTED magAZine started out as both a print and on-line magazine in November 1996. Since then we've dropped the printed version and attempted to confine our efforts solely to the on-line medium, which we feel gives us a much larger scope for what we want to do.

The site has no advertising, so the people who write for and design SORTED magAZine don't get paid. We do it first and foremost because of our love of music.

Thanks to all the record companies who've sent us stuff since SORTED was first conceived, in the Summer of '96. Special thanks to the people who've given us some good feedback about the site, how it can be improved etc... because at the end of the day, people's feedback is the only way we can find out what you all like and dislike about the site.

Thanks to the people who've shown an interest in writing for SORTED. If you yourself are interested, then send us an e-mail.

Finally, if you want to send us any promotional material, our address is :-

SORTED magAZine, PO Box 6804, Dublin 7, Eire.

The sorted magAZine discussion forum will be arriving soon, with multiple message boards.

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