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David Gray : Sell, Sell, Sell (EMI)

Picture this: You have to get up at eight. The people that you are sharing sleeping quarters with decide to talk. All night.

I put on headphones and try to drown it out. The CD happens to be Sell, Sell, Sell by David Gray and thanks to that my night of sleeplessness turned out more than OK. In fact David Gray gave me back hope that there are still people making real music.

Although irritated and tired, the beautiful voice of Gray and his melodies soothed. His simplicity and cleverness made my heart flutter in that way only a special person normally does. And when he sings "I try not to listen, but they shout so loud," I know what he means.

If you believe in real music that has a heart, then David Gray's latest is a must-buy, buy, buy.

by Anja Ekelof