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The Frames,
Midnight at the Olympia, January 31.

Your band has just signed one of the biggest managers in the business; you are about to go on tour in the states and be promoted to the hilt; you are only halfway through the gig; so what do you decide to do? If you're the lead singer of the Frames you scale the 25 foot balcony and dive off it. Glen Hansard is fucking mental.

In other words, this was another amazing Frames live performance. Belting out tracks from Fitzcaraldo and Another Love Song - songs like Monument, Fitzcaraldo, the Dancer, Red Chord and the soon to be re-released Revelate. The Frames once again had the crowd in their pockets. Even more so with their redition of the Pixies Debaser with guest guitarist Luka Bloom.

US bound, they left the people lucky enough to get into the sold-out performance stunned. For anyone who wasn't there, tough shit, the gig was awesome. Here's wishing the Frames all the best in the States, see ya in April.

by Greg Hughes