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Iggy Pop,
Mean Fiddler, Tuesday 13 August
"This is pretty low-brow, isn't it?", says the grinning reptile that is Iggy Pop, sweat dripping from every pore of his much battered body. The question doesn't need an answer.

After witnessing the 49-year-old veteran going through a stage act which sees him exposing himself frequently, copulating with the equipment and performing ritual intercourse with a pretty young punter, the audience is in complete agreement. Yes, this is pretty low brow, and a helluva lot of fun as well.

The live show is Iggy Pop's domain. The man is a legend not so much for his songs, but for the intense manner in which he performs them.

With his original band, The Stooges, he almost single-handedly invented punk rock, and his on-stage personality has become much copied by the nihilistic wannabes of following generations.

Unlike the pretenders, though, Iggy has made these antics his own. One minute he's screaming Lust for Life at the audience, the next he's crooning Sister Midnight, bathed in a sexy red light. And of course, like all good rock n' roll shows, everyone's invited on-stage for their 15 minutes of fame during The Passenger. He is the grand master of the pageant, and revels in the attention much like a small child.

You can always tell it's been a good show when bands end up sodomising rock n' roll classics. Sure enough, Iggy and the trailer-park dropouts that comprise his band leave us with suitably screwed-up renditions of Johnny Be Good and Wild Thing. Time for one final stage-dive and then Iggy is gone, leaving us with an electrifying experience and a smelly sock.

by Niall Byrne.
pictures by An Sasanach.