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Marxman - Time Capsule (More Rockers)

After three years of silence comes the second album from the Irish/English hip hop-trio. In the three years between 33 Revolutions per Minute and Time Capsule Marxman have changed not only record company but nearly everything.

While Marxman's début was good and sometimes very good indeed, Time Capsule takes steps ahead too big to measure. They have toned down the political agitation, but not the underlying message. The lyrics are not so much in your face this time around, but still say something about modern life.

The overall sound has moved from using mainly Irish traditional samples to a fatter, soulier sound which does Marxman a world of good. There are still Irish type whistle on some tracks but used more sparingly.

Best tracks include the hard-hitting Dazed and Confused and No More Time which is a trippy little instrumental number.

I really only have one question about this album and that's one line in What's in the basket? which goes "Stir it up like a Nesquick" - Do Marxman really want to advertise Nestlé?

Time Capsule is a welcome return to form from Marxman- the revolution lives on.

by Anja Ekelof