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Morcheeba - Who Can You Trust? (Indochina)

Trip-hop, I think they call it. Lots of bass and keyboard, funny sounds, drum loops and low, husky paranoid vocals. Yeah, this must be it.

Morcheeba aren't quite as despondent as Tricky, quite as open-ended as Massive Attack or quite as popular as Portishead, however. And while they make some fine sounds in their own right, they seem slightly too late and slightly too derivative to break into the mainstream.

In the meantime there is enough interest in this style of music to pay Morcheeba's bills, and for that I am grateful. Who Can You Trust? is, after all, a fine album. Full of eclecticism, sampling and cross-cutting, it should generate interest among the alternative community, with Trigger Happy standing out as a bonafide classic.

by Niall Byrne