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Pearl Jam - No Code (Epic)

"Hey, Eddie, we've finished our bits, come and do some vocals."

"No. I don't want to."

"Please Eddie."

"OK, OK. If you promise to stop bugging me - Moan, moan, whine, moan, whine."

That's the impression I go from this album. Eddie Vedder is taking this anti-fame thing way too far. If he wants to quit, why doesn't he? If not, could he please stop moaning.

The songs are typical Pearl Jam. Strong Led Zep / Black Sab riffs, a pounding bass and Eddie Vedder whining.

The whining only lets up for one song, the very Bob Mould-esque Mankind. Recommended only if you want to be whined at for 45 or so minutes.

My advice to Vedder is "cheer up or shut up."

by Donnacha DeLong