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Bambi - Warning: May contain traces of peanut (Rejected Records)

Bambi are all under the age of twenty and it shows - not in a bad way but in the boldness of their sound. They know they are good, that is - good considering that they're a punk come hardcore band. And The new album (although ep would be a fairer description) is a marvellous first shot.

The mini-album consists seven short memorable songs, plus a bonus track of sorts which is a long electronic muse. Bambi are like the Beastie Boys without the electronic gadgetry, and similar to Minor Threat except that they have a much more structured sound, which is supposing that Minor Threat actually had a sound.

The lead-singer's voice will never win any awards for melodiousness, but it's loud enough to satisfy any punk fan. Bambi are just one of a legion of small Dublin punk bands, but they are probably the best of them.

The songs are all short, weighing in at two minutes maximum and are reasonably similar, but different enough to keep the attention. Bambi are one of those bands that are definitely better live, but still the album has a lot going for it.

They have a fairly typical sound, four members - drums, bass, guitar, shouter, but also keyboards which adds a touch of novelty to the shouting. At four quid, it would be a shame to miss this album - if only for the brilliantly shot sleeve, and the inspired picture on the c.d. itself of a man with a carrot stuck in his arse.

by Kenneth Foxe