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Various Artists - Lost Highway Soundtrack

A David Lynch soundtrack is always going to be interesting. Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Twin Peaks all showed Lynch is unafraid to experiment. Their strange mix of genres and styles made for compulsive listening, especially if you'd seen the films.

Lost Highway is no exception, even thought the film isn't out yet. Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor helped Lynch out on this one to create a brooding and evocative mix of sounds.

The Reznor influence is immediately evident and adds a commercial appeal to the album. A deranged Bowie sets the scene, followed up by the stripped down passion of NINs Perfect Drug. Marilyn Manson go goth with Apple of Sodom and then frantic with Screaming Jays I Put a Spell on You. Lou Reeds This Magic Moment is typical Reed - melodic distortion, while the Smashing Pupkins Eye gives a glimpse of their new quiet techno sound. The two Rammstein tracks stomp along like a goth-metal monster from a Hammer Horror. The rest is instrumental score from Lynch main-man Angelo Badalamenti, Barry Adamson, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Reznor himself. Atmospheric music and samples with dark shades of jazz, reggae and trance. The music offers a number of post-modern references to recent film in the choice of artists and tracks which makes the prospect of seeing the film very enticing. Add to that the intense blackness of the music and you have the perfect sound-track for what is probably a very twisted film.

by Donnacha DeLong