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Scorn - Zander (PHD)

Scorn have come a long way from their beginnings as a Napalm Death spawned slow Grindcore band. Listening to this CD its hard to believe this is even the same band. Scorn have been a one-man-band for a few years, the only member at the moment is Nick Bullen, and this is very evident in their sound. This is drum and bass with a difference - thats all there is. No guitars, no vocals, no samples, just unrelenting rhythm.

Thats definitely not a band thing, just a little difficult to listen to. The experimental nature of the rhythm makes it even harder. Well Sorted is a prime example - the erratic drum-beat which is out of time with the bass line puts your teeth on edge. At the same time its probably the best track on the album.

Speed is not an issue with Scorn, the CD moves along at a pace more common to trance than drum n bass, but has none of the soothing effects of trance. In the words of the late Tim Leary, this is music that'll make you feel tense, make you feel like a victim. This is ambient for the mentally unhinged, impossible to describe, so just listen to it.

I recommend you buy this, if only to hear something that's unlike anything you've ever heard.

by Donnacha DeLong