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Wild At Heart,
Three Colours Red, Whelans, 8th March.

Three Colours Red have been classed second to Oasis in the British rock stakes, but they're not really that bad. TCR play a shambolic mix of punk-rock and heavy metal in the classicly sloppy style of the Ramones.

This was their third gig in Dublin in less than a year, this time it was in their own right. The turn-out at the gig proved the truth in the Public Enemy line "Don't Believe the Hype" as Whelan's could hardly have been called packed.

However, the band ran through their selection of fast and even faster tracks, This is my Hollywood and MTV favourite Nuclear Holiday included. They slowed down now and again to keep the sound varied, with tracks like "Sixty Mile Smile". They paid tribute to their Irish punk influence with an shit-hot encore of the Undertones Teenage Kicks.

However, there is one major problem with Three Colours Red. Perhaps it's lack of familiarity with their songs, perhaps it's something in the McCormack family gene, but TCR really sound like the Wildhearts. We spent most of the night expecting them to launch into "Liberty Cap" or "Nothing Ever Changes" or "Caffeine Bomb" or "Sucker Punch" or "I Wanna Go Where the People Go". Of course, they didn't, but a lot of the time they may as well have. Oh well, if the Wildhearts can't make it big playing their music, maybe someone else can.

by Donnacha DeLong