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White Town - Women in Technology.

Women in Technology illustrates the allure of White Town as heard on the number one single Your Woman; quietly affecting electro-pop stroked with the brush of retro-pastiche.

Musically this is more akin to the synthetic warblings of Jean-Michel Jarre than Tricky or the Chemical Bros., but its held together with a keen pop sensibility.

Lyrically, too, the album bursts with a put-on romantic innocence and naivety, but the irony wears thin over the course of 11 songs. Your Woman is the best on offer here, classical strings layered on top of a Kraftwerk-style keyboard and bass rhythm.

The rest of the album fails to sustain the momentum, however. It shys away from developing the obvious talent contained within into something new and worthwhile, instead relying on a kind of nostalgic comedy which ensures that its future appeal is limited.

One for the novelty bin.

by Niall Byrne