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ABC - Skyscraping

If you like ABC, you will like this album. Itís um, well, nice and is easy to listen to. The band didnít challenge themselves with this offering, as itís no different to other ABC stuff. But then again, if it isnít broken, then why should they fix it. So, to all ABC angina sufferers, rest assured there are no surprises in store.

"Skyscraping" is the perfect background album, neither too challenging on the ear-drums, nor boring enough to put you to sleep. ABC sing about love, love gone wrong, unrequited love and have also started a love affair with sound fx. This new love affair is very much in evidence on "Rolling Sevens" which, incidentally, also has some good electric guitars.

The opening track, "Stranger Things", is cliche ridden, but is, however, a good ditty to sing along to. The title track has some nice piano playing. The band seem to have fallen for the one drum-beat, which sounds suspiciously like somebody forgot to reset the drum machine.

"Skyscraping" is a nice album and typical album of todayís truly mediocre pop scene.

by Patricia Lane