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Skold - Skold (RCA) [image: album cover]
This is the debut album by Skold, so he deserves to be cut some slack. In short, this album is an EBM album (European industrial). The comparisons are obvious, the album is like Die Krupps meeting Nitzer Ebb at a Front 242 concert. Originality is definately not its strong point, but it is not a bad album.

It has got all the right elements, distorted guitar, powerhouse beats, loads of synths and fuzzy noises and, of course, the obligatory English in a strong accent (well he is Swedish). The album starts off with full-on industrial assault of "Chaos", followed by the slow, mean and moody "Remember". Then comes the abusive onslaught of "P.A.M.F." (you'll never guess what that stands for). After that comes the edgy soundscape of "Neverland".

That's what the whole album is like, one minute you are being pummelled by an industrial fist, then you're soothed by some emotive sounds, only to be beaten over the head by a big techno stick again.

There isn't really anything here that indicates that Skold is to lead a European retaliation against US industrial and steal Nine Inch Nails' crown. However, Skold proves himself to be a competent industrialist and perhaps next time he might come up with something new and exciting.

All in all, this is not a bad album, and if you like this style of music you'll probably enjoy it. If you want to hear something you haven't heard in your Front 242 back catalogue, this album is not for you.

by Donnacha DeLong