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Social Act - Spiritual Journeys ( Why Me/Social ) [image: album cover]
If you're stuck in a time warp and get your kicks from wibbly guitar solos and big hair, you'll probably like this album. Social Act's influences must include early Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Soul Asylum and possibly Foreigner. The band are true to their 80s rock roots in their choice of themes. Songs about love: love lost, love in trouble, etc. The world cares.

"Transit Boogie" is unimaginative and pathetic, while "Tuesday's Child" and "Falling Down" are the album's mandatory angry songs. They are the albums better offerings, but I wouldn't buy this album for the glimmer of hope they offer. "Tuesday's Child" is possibly a stab at the deteriorating state of society, while the latter is about the evils of consumerism. A band with a conscience, god help us.

There is not enough diversity on "Spiritual Journeys", the first 3 songs blur into an epic of blandness. It seems that Social Act do have some talent, but you really do have to look too far to find it.

by Patricia Lane