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Club Review:

The Cavern Beatz and Bobz Night
Exeter - Saturday 27th February 1999

With Beatz and Bobz now being one of the Best Known Big Beat/Nu-Skool Breaks nights in the Southwest I thought I ought to go and find out what all the fuss was about…

The Cavern is my favourite venue in Exeter I don't think you can beat it for an underground feel with a warm welcome atmosphere. Sat 27th hailed the arrival of Dr Alex Paterson from the Orb together with Beatz and Bobz residents Darren Chapman and Tom Real. Darren and Tom did a great job on the back to back warm up set with some nice Breakbeats and added Hip-Hop with loads of scratching and then rounding off with Flat Eric (The Muppet off the Levi's Ad who we all thought was great and now find remarkably boring). Dr Patterson came on and took everyone on a trip through loads of New and as yet unheard Orb stuff and right through some of the Darkest Drum and Bass and finally finished off with Edie Brickell's "What am I"... Well what can I say? A Wicked underground Club, two of the best local Big Beat DJ's and the Orb's Dr Alex Patterson... a recipe for success...

Beatz and Bobz are one of the only promoters in the Exeter Area bothering to plug what they believe in and they have made it work. So look out for their events in the future.

by Mad Iccy

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