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Club Review:

Jon the Dentist
Kristy's Nightclub, Paignton.
Saturday 22thMay 1999

Kristy's basically consists of one averaged sized room with a bar, dancefloor and seating with tunes spun by Mr Fish; Max from The Real Deal; The Big Sexy Festy's own Stevie K; and Fly Resident, Joe "Freeze" Taylor, and one larger main room with bar, dancefloor and balcony. DJs in the main room were Jon-O, Skizzo and Jon the Dentist of Phoenix Uprising.

Music in the main room was a good selection of well paced banging Hard House with Jon playing a good selection of new and, as yet, unreleased material. With the smaller room being rather an anything goes mish-mash from Funk right through to Two Tone and Ska. Everyone seemed to enjoy the night and the overall atmosphere was pretty damned good, partly due to decent, friendly door-staff and wicked sound system from Annoy and visuals and inflatables from Universal Inc.

by Mad Iccy

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