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Record Reviews:

Artist: DJ Karim
Title: Consciousness
Label: Do not Bend

Karim Lamour best known for his outings on Tinrib Records has just released the first tune on his new label Do Not Bend. Along the sort of vein you may expect Hoover laced Nu-Nrg Techno with a well-known Vocal sample on the A-side with an old-skool hardcore flip. "Sure to be on the circuit for a good long while these two".

8 outta 10

Artist: K90
Title: Species
Label: Boscaland

K90 are one of the best trance acts around at the moment and this is no exception The A-side original is a fast energetic trancer with loads of nice floaty noises and a trademark break. The flip "Trash Compactor" remix by none other than That Guy "Geezer" and Mark Tyler is my favourite, a dirty thumper based along an ever increasing B-Line with loads of well placed Chops and cuts.

9 outta 10 overall

Artist: R.R Fierce
Title: Pleasure
Label: Cut and Dry

Another Tinrib regular RR Fierce gets it together for two tracks of Nu-Nrg hardhouse, The A-side packed full of punch, but with an overall fairly deep feel to it due to the eerie vocals and strange synth riffs. The flip is a more regular bouncy hard-edged jobby with a large breakdown and some hoovering going on as well.

8 outta 10

Artist: The Secret
Title: Hold Me
Label: Secret Recordings

The Secret now renowned for creating their own sound combining the best of Hardhouse and Trance and keeping it bouncy without getting to deep. This is two tracks of Bass driven stomp with bits that will please everyone in any crowd except a crowd at a deaf convention of course.

8 outta 10

Artist: Heaven's Children
Title: Bam Bam
Label: TEC

Heaven's Children aka Wayne G. and Jon Dennis get together for a three-track floor-burning session. First goes "D&G" for a pumping hands in the air like you've got no hair attack... then it's D.A.V.E the Drummer's go with a harder funky trancer... and last but not least goes the Original Mix???? Hardhouse with hardcore type synth stabs and vocal samples.

9 outta 10 for content

Artist: Mark Tyler
Title: Here comes the Hitman
Label: Antidote

Boscaland label manager Mark Tyler produces his second Solo release, hot on the tail of the London Acid Techno Movement with added beanz from the "Geezer". A-side sees Mark building a solid relentless wall of Acid Trance with some really nice funky percussion back up. The AA-side sees Tarball and Lungbutter at it again on yet another label with a Rumbling Techno Attack based around a dirty bassline and clean sharp tops.

9 outta 10

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