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Record Reviews:

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Artist: Astral Projection
Title: Another World
Label: Transient

For those of you not in the know, Astral Projection are an Israeli Trance Act, they spend much of their time scooting around the world from the Far East to America and Europe etc. Their new album is pretty damned choice really. It contains nine new and as yet unreleased Tracks and Mixes in varying styles but all extremely well produced and utterly Top Notch.

9 outta 10

Artist: The Binmen
Title: Wiped Out
Label: COSHH

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha Wipe-out................... Remember it? Well I do. The Binmen are here doing it and avin' it, Surfin' Acid Techno, London Style. This is actually a rather good tune loads of 303's building up to the old percussion breakdown and then letting rip again at the last minute for a heads down here we go stomp. The flip is equally as memorable (for me at least) 'Surfin Bird'???? allegedly. If not the pups out there will remember it from the Chicken Drummers advert.

9 outta 10

Artist: Trash Compactor
Title: Anti-Disco E.P
Label: Boscaland

Ahh, here goes for Mark Tyler and The Geezer, at it again in three tracks of progressive Hard Trance. My favourite is 'Take out the Trash' which is a nice percussion driven trancer with a wicked bassline that builds and builds to the Inevitable breakdown and kicks right off again throwing you back into the thick of it.

9 outta 10

Artist: RR Fierce
Title: Work That
Label: Cut 'n' Dry

The Second release on Cut 'N' Dry sees Tinrib Regular doing the renowned banging hard house thing again. Three tracks of Juno based hoovering in varying styles. My favourite being the second track on side two as it's a little more minimal but still got some good noises in it.

7 outta 10

Artist: Geezer
Title: The Badger
Label: Bionic Orange

Rowland The Bastards label sees its 7th release to date with no letting up as far as the Acid Techno vibe goes. This time we see top producer Guy "Geezer" McAffer having a solo outing. Two tracks of the dark n' hard Squat Party variety. The first being pretty darned eerie with some very strange things happening. The flip is more of a dirty techno thumper with some equally strange goings on.

8 outta 10

Artist: D.O.M.
Title: Lethal Enforcers EP
Label: Stay Up Forever

Direct from Leeds D.O.M. returns for their sixth release on S.U.F. This is HARD. Providing four tracks of Dirty Dark Power Trippin' Techno not so much of the acid this time but, well what can I say D.O.M. are back on S.U.F with a vengeance. Check it out if ya wannit Dirty!!

9 outta 10

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