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Record Reviews:

Artist: Sentience
Title: Full Blown E.P 3
Label: Fullblown

Ooh my, this another Scorcher, three tracks of varying styles. First comes 'Holdtight', a well-paced Techno Trancer that races along giving you a feeling reminiscent of a ball bearing on a pinball table, thrusting itself down a load of alleyways, then breaking as you enter the bonus round and chucking you back on to the table with an awesome 'Lets Go' sample. Next it's 'Robotics', another fast paced techno-ish workout, reasonably dark but ultimately avin' it!! Last, but not least, comes 'Stand Off', more experimental than the last two but still pretty nice with some broken beats and a dubbier feel.

9 outta 10

Artist: Lectrolux
Title: Gimme a K
Label: TEC

Here goes for John Truelove's latest offering, 2 mixes based around a 1969 Woodstock festival Sample "A" features the F1's "DivineIntervention" Mix hardhouse B-Line driven stomper with a hardcore feel to it. The Flip is Lectrolux "Fat Beats" Mix a Big Beat-ish workout but with all the traits of a Lectrolux tune... (Big Noizes).

7 outta 10

Artist: Vibe Bar Rejects
Title: Disturbance
Label: Smitten

The Vibe Bar Rejects are back on plastic with another 2 tracks of relentless Acid Techno. 'Disturbance' is a techno based romp in to Squatland with some weird and wonderful noises and dark 'n' scary breakdowns. The flip, '70 mph' is a more trancey affair with an undulating bassline, but still retaining enuff strength for any free-party.

9 outta 10

Artist: Various
Title: Tidy Girls EP
Label: Tidy Trax

Anne Savage, Lisa Pin-Up, Rachel Auburn and Lisa Lashes all put in a track each for this 4 Tracker Hardhouse EP, spread across two slabs of DJ Friendly vinyl. Loads of hoovering going on, so they are sure to get caned at places like the Trade and Sundissential.

8 outta 10

Other worthy mentions this month must go to:
Artist: Arcango Manigrasso
Title: Sweat
Label: Thunderground

Good old clanking Industrial-feeling, trancey techno.

8 outta 10

Artist: Shane Morris Vs. Jon the Dentist
Title: Bang the Box
Label: Phoenix Uprising

Two tracks of uprising Hardhouse, but with added hoovers and Hardcore synths.

8 outta 10

Artist: A+E Dept
Title: The Cure
Label: Cluster

Ooh err, more - what can I say? Acid techno all the way!

9 outta 10, innit?

Artist: Tom Harding Vs. Jon the Dentist
Title: 1988
Label: Phoenix Uprising

Another two-track Hardhouse hoover in Phoenix vein, but a little harder.

8 outta 10

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