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Club Review:

The New Trinity Centre, Bristol.
Saturday 24th April 1999

Well I've heard loads of good stories about this lot so I was pretty chuffed to be invited up by The Mutant Dance Crew to get a look in and not have to drive home afterwards. On arrival at Trinity around 9:30pm (Early), the place was already alive with people setting up lighting rigs and sound systems etc. After a bit of meeting people and several Red Stripes later, the place was jumping to a mixed bag of Techno and Psychedelic Trance. The first up was Shroom's own DJ Escapee closely followed by Stu from Resistrance, then DJ Blah and Steve Read all playing a good old selection of Tuff Trance and Acid.

Then came time for the live PA from Time Machine, if you have never seen them I suggest you do. The Guys dress up in well-bright and well-large shocking yellow suits topped off with funky shades and this combined with their loud 'n' phat Bristol Techno Trance makes for a well good show. Last up it's Rowland The Bastard taking it all down a stage to the more underground vibe of London's Acid Techno scene. Two hours of "Heads Down Here We Go!!!!!" till the sun comes up kind of music.

Upstairs was the Chill-Out area with Poetry and Comedy from J Words, Lucy English and Friends and of course the thing no Chill-Out should be without, but inevitably is, a real pond, complete with a fountain and ducks. Throughout the night the place was brought to life by The Mutant Dance crew and with their ultraviolet costumes and headgear, either on the stage or in with the crowd they were there with the punters and avin' it. Anyhow, this was really a night to be remembered and I suggest anyone who gets a chance to go to a Shroom night does so, and checks out the Techno night that is a full Entertainment Experience.

Also a shout to Bethany, Barney and the Mutant Dancers for putting me up and putting up with me.. *Nice One Guys*

by Mad Iccy

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