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The Cult - best of Rare Cult (Beggars Banquest)

You've really got to ask yourself why. OK, there was a "Best of" compilation a few months ago to satisfy the dabblers and set the scene for The Cult's return. There's also a 6-CD box-set of outtakes, b-sides, alternative mixes and, most interestingly, the aborted "Peace" album (recorded, but never released, follow-up to "Love"), to please the completists and obsessive fans.

Who this sampler of the box-set is supposed to appeal to is a mystery. Half-hearted completists? Mild obsessives? Poor collectors? "Pure Cult" was patchy enough, but this… Normally, you'd say this is "for completists only", but they've got the box-set. This has no target audience and it's a gimmick too far.

Donnacha DeLong

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Sorted magAZine: The Cult - best of Rare Cult (Beggars Banquest)
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