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Welcome to the Sorted magAZine Industry Guide.

The intention of this section of Sorted is to help people in the IRISH music industry get in touch with each other easily. It contains links to everything from artists to studios to venues to labels and much more.

So whether you want to find somewhere for your band to play, or want to find your favourite bands' homepage, this is the place to do it.

Two pages in this guide contain links to non-Irish sites. The "General" section contains links to sites that we thought merited a mention in Sorted, while the "Recommended" section contains links to the homepages of bands and people that we have interviewed in the magAZine.

We will endeavour to keep this guide up to date. However, if you should come across any broken or out of date links, please inform us, so that we can update. If you know of a site not listed here, please tell us about it, so that we can add it.

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