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One for Jude - Figures (Audioglobe)

Very dreamy and atmospheric, you have to wonder how they ever got this album finished. They sound like they've been floating around in the clouds for a long time and forgot how to get back down to earth. It's a good thing they did though, because this is the best thing to come out of France ever in my opinion.

The guitars are quiet and rarely sound like guitars at all and are juxtaposed over floaty, dreamy atmospherics while the vocals, mostly sung in English, drift about over the lot looking down in amazement.

'Inside' is the stand out track with one of the best solos I've heard in a long time. Less is definitely more here. It's basic, but warm, and the stop/start towards the end, which makes you think your CD player is skipping, grabs your attention back just as it starts to slip.

At only nine songs it may not be the most expansive album of all time but what's the point in out-staying your welcome, and One For Jude definitely know when it's time to leave.

Just when you're looking for more!

Ken McGrath

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