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Michael Marks - Catholic Boys

When a CD comes with a written note/warning on the cover saying that it was recorded in some guys bedroom with little more than an acoustic guitar and a microphone you usually aren't going to get much further than that.

Intended as a stop-gap album to fund his Marksy project this does exactly what it says on the tin. Production is non-existent yet somehow it still sounds okay. It's hard to make a distinction between all the singer/songwriters running around at the moment and Michael Marks sure doesn't stand out in the crowd. At times he has a bit of a Christy Moore going on, at others a bit of a David Gray but he isn't breaking any new ground here.

Tracks like 'Fuck you paleface' and 'Cut my teeth' stand out, but where the album really falls down is that all the tracks sound very alike. There really is only so much you can do with an acoustic guitar and I have to wonder how much better it might have sounded if only Mr. Marks had invested in a keyboard.

Ken McGrath

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