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Various Artists - Aura: Horizontal Bar Culture (Bianco)

This the soundtrack to an obviously ultra hip, seriously cool new bar in London's Piccadilly. And chillin' is the name of the game. The music on this CD sends out a not-so-subliminal message: "lie down", this is slouch music rather than dance music. There's jazz, coffee table funk, ambient techno and a load of lounge in the mix, which fulfils its function perfectly. It's easy to see yourself sinking into a comfortable seat and chatting with friends for hours with this music playing in the background.

The two strongest tracks are sensibly placed up front, King Kooba's 'Fooling myself' opens the selection sounding like Stina Nordenstam singing on the soundtrack of a mid-60s spy film. The Supreme Beings of Leisure follow them up with 'Never the same', which is Portishead-style trip hop, without the menace. It's built around a major sample that I recognise, but can't quite place. Anyone? From then on, it drifts largely into pure mood music. It's hard to write much more, just want to put down the pen, lie back and...

Donnacha DeLong

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