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King Of Woolworths - Ming Star (Mantra)

Signed little over a year ago and with three singles and a DJ mixing slot on the Breezeblok show, on England's Radio One, Jon Brooks, otherwise known as the King Of Woolworths, is ready to unleash his debut on a very unsuspecting dance world.

Opener 'Kentish Town' is a gentle array of synth riffs and drum loops, while 'Bakerloo (Main Titles)' follows along the same basic blueprint, only with bells. Having been lured in by soft clicks and bleeps it is time for the headfuck proper to begin and begin it does.

With 'Stalker Song' we are swung from the happy, smiling side of Jon Brooks mind and thrown against the walls of a darker, more dangerous side. Imagine Death In Vegas fighting Aphex Twin in a decaying basement, while sampled voices from what could have been a slasher flick tell a story of fear, and you're still not even close.

'Colcannon' is a major dancefloor hit in waiting, but 'To the Devil a donut' knocks us, once again, to the dark side. This is one track you never want to listen to on headphones while walking home at night unless you intend to spend the whole journey looking over your shoulder. Take it from someone who knows. There's a danger portrayed here that I haven't been exposed to in a long time and, when you hear this album, you'll know what you've been missing.

Ken McGrath

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