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Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound - Shout at the devil (30 Hertz Records)

The circus has arrived in town, and it won't go away. If you like Asian, African and other ethnic musics, then you'll love this. If not then you'll laugh. I did. It went a little like this. Pop CD in tray, press play, stare blankly at odd noises emerging from machine, laugh, fall over from laughing and hurt self. Words like what?, bewilderment, huh? and parade all come to mind.

In truth though, I can't follow it at all. Some of the basslines are good and could be, with a bit of imagination, Massive Attack-ey. The vocals are a different barrel of monkey snot. Sorry, but I really can't take this seriously at all. Jah Wobble, g'wan wobble away.

Ken McGrath

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