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Various - Around the world in 60 minutes (House of Jordan Entertainment)

This CD collection must have a track by every artist on the House of Jordan label. Four CDs, each one an hour long (it's very aptly titled, see), this is huge. You could listen to this for weeks and still not get through it all. The only problem with something this big and vast is that, with the good comes the shit. And with over sixty bands on show here, there is a lot of both. You could look at it in another way and say there is something for everyone on here, either way, bits of it are good, and bits of it aren't so good.

Kicking off with ANET and their song 'Nicotine' is a good choice. It begins as a slow brooding number before kicking in with a Kid Rock "Bawitdaba" chorus - very electronic. One of the better songs on the compilation is 'Breakin' down' by Morag Makin. Sing it, "breeeeeeeeaaaaakin' down, Oh I can't take any more". It reaches across to you under the table, gives your balls a gentle squeeze, looks you in the eye and spits. Classic.

'Did you kill anyone on your way home?' I love it. It's so cheesy, but it's got something. Forget Alanis Morrisette shouting at you. Get this. For any fans of Blink-182 or Green Day out there keep your eyes (and ears) open for Kids Eat Free 'cause they've got the sound that you like to hear.

Some very poor offerings, however, dog the rest of the collection. Most of it is melodic, indie type rock. A lot of Oasis copycat, Britrock bands flexing their miniscule musical muscles. Then every now and then you get a slab of metal or hardcore, but it's not enough. If you want a taste of the House of Jordan then, by all means, grab a copy of this. If you want something with a start, a middle and a possible ending, then you'd be better off looking for something else. A nice taster of some good things to come, though.

Ken McGrath

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