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Matt Ender - Myles of Skye (Etherean Music)

I actually like Irish music when it's done properly (believe it or not). What Matt Ender, or M.Ender as I like to call him, has done however is just plain wrong. If this album was a dog, the ISPCA would have come for M.Ender a long time ago. From the picture on the back of the album he looks like one of these people who thinks that by wearing a knitted Arran sweater, saying "top o' the mornin' to ya" and singing with a lilt that he'll be mighty accepted in the Emerald Isle.

M.Ender you were mighty wrong.

Opener 'Miss Monaghans/Dancin' in Ahearn' is alright, but if you're into this type of modern take on trad. music, you'll have heard it all before. The title track begins like a pop song with an Irish taste, picture Bellefire being fucked by B*Witched. M.Ender then quickly finds a musical ditch and drives his song headlong into it. Yeah, that's right, it becomes a Eurovision entry with M.Ender panting "All...These...Tears" like they were his last words. His voice is nearly as annoying as Brian Kennedy's. Nearly. He's the sort of guy you can imagine singing this near a cliff edge with his arms held wide while every living creature in the vicinity prays for a strong breeze. Then there's that terrible spoken word passage in the middle.

It really just gets worse and worse. If you come across this anywhere, break it.

Ken McGrath

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