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Gobi - S/T demo

Inspired by the Ed's 'getting back to our roots' speech, I happened to get my hands on the CD demo from Dublin's Gobi, (thank you, Gavin) a talented 5-piece who you'll be hearing a lot more of in the near future.

'Easy listening' would be the best way to describe Gobi; the 4 songs on offer here simply melt in your brain. When I say easy-listening, I by no means mean The Osmonds. The music is highly infectious, the musicianship of Fran Whelan and Gavin Pullen, guitars, Kieron O'Reilly, bass and Ray Grange on drums compliment each other wonderfully -I look forward to seeing them in a live situation. At times they remind me of another classic Dublin band: In Motion, remember them?

Yet it's vocalist Kathleen Fleming that captured my imagination, her voice is just extraordinary. Sensuous, angelic, her voice could sooth the most savage beast, wipe away the tears from the wounded heart, oh I could go and on. Opener and best track 'Singerman' will put a smile on your face every time you play it, and surely this is the musical cure for a hangover?

It will be interesting to hear her sing something up-tempo, as all the tunes here are fairly mellow, but it's early days yet, and I'm sure the band, as musicians, will develop their own style, so will her vocal range.

Yes, the band are available for bookings, yes, they wanna make loads of albums and yes they wanna be rich & world famous!

Phone: +353 1 8344450
Mobile: +353 87 647 0954

Ken Blackmore.

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