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Amon Tobin - Out from out where (Ninja Tune)

This is intense. It comes at you from all sides, from ever fibre of your being. Amon Tobin has created something amazing here. Every track is an emotion; a feeling; a memory. This album is the soundtrack to your own private film that plays exclusively inside your head. Yet, this is also music you can put on and listen to without really listening to it. It's relaxing music, especially the severely downbeat 'Hey Blondie', while 'Rosies' shimmers with melody and moments of electronic orgasm. The repeated sections pull you in gently while the tones caress your mind.

There's something about this album. It's like a drug. It works for me in much the same as the soundtrack to "The Virgin Suicides" by Air does. It's something to listen to first thing in the morning or when you're drifting off to sleep. It's music to feed the imagination, to let your thoughts go swimming in. I refuse to tear this album apart, instead I suggest that you listen to it for yourself and see where it takes you.

Ken McGrath

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