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Maple Cross - Promo 1

Finland's Maple Cross have been slamming the boards since 1985, releasing a few highly praised demos in their wake and gaining the respect of the Metal brethren throughout the world. In their 17 years they've toured with a lot of big names, namely Dark Throne, Prestige, Mengele, A.R.G., Invocator, Hybrid Children, Waltari, Backyard Babies to name but a few.

Cut to 2002 - this, the first of 2 new promos that features the definite MC line-up - Late TT, guitar, Log, guitar, Marco R.J. on vocals, Ollari on bass and the latest edition on drums, the highly talented Aki. The longevity and experience of the band shines through on this top-notch demo, coming across more of an EP from an established act than a mere demonstration.

Three songs in the vein of thrash/power metal, I was highly surprised at the musicianship and talent on offer here. Much like Ireland's Primordial, there seems to be a hidden depth to Maple Cross' music, take first track 'Invincibles', for example. Elsewhere you have the almost Voivodish 'Simply simplicity', and the final track 'Au Revoir' stomps in, kicks you in the head then legs it off leaving you wondering what just happened.

Well worth checking out, and, if the band wants to send me Promo #2, I'd be more than grateful!


Ken Blackmore.

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