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Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - The last DJ (Warner)

Tom Petty may be moving along in years, but he still knows his way around a catchy melody. Granted, at this stage, he's never going to top his golden period, but he doesn't have to. With "The last DJ", he's made a consistently good album that should appeal to more than just his usual dad rock fanbase. His voice is still as distinctive as ever, his lyrics still telling stories and his music, still moving hearts.

'Money becomes king' is a mini-epic with its broad range of instruments. A soothing, gentle song that rides along at its own pace. If Coldplay released 'Dreamville', it would go straight to the top of the charts; here, it'll have to remain an obscure album track, but a jewel to any who know it. Composed of soft piano and staccato strings, but with a middle-eight that brings to mind The Beatles, circa "Sergeant Pepper's... ". One listen to this and people will realise why Tom Petty is still relevant.

Peppered throughout with upbeat songs, it's on the slower numbers that Tom really shines. The perfect example being 'Like a diamond', a stunning display of heart-on-my-sleeve lyrics backed, not by an orchestra, but an underplayed piano and minimal band accompaniment. It's a beautiful song and an excellent return to form.

Ken McGrath

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