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Danzig - 6:66 Satans Child (Evilive Records)

So how old exactly is too old to rock n' roll? For Glen Danzig, apparently, somewhere around 40, or at least several albums prior to the recording of "6:66 Satan[should be an apostrophe here, but there ain't]s Child." For one thing, his trademark voice apparently can't hit the notes that used to set his gloomy brand of Halloween rock apart from the rest of the muscle-bound costumed freaks out there. If there were any more voice modulators and manipulators used on "6:66", Stephen Hawking would have an awfully strong case against Danzig for stealing his "sound". The scaled-down instrumentation that set Danzig's music apart as much as his voice is also gone, replaced by your standard industrial metal set-up of whiny guitar minor-chord-wanking and electronic drums. To top it off, the disc is chock-full of photos of the band lounging around with barely legal women, sporting phallic-shaped tails and horns - comical at best, but I think the band thinks this shit's spooky.

by Holly Day

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