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Frisbie - The Subversive Sounds of Love (Hear Diagonally)

Everything about this album is retro - the Flower Power font used in their title, the yellow and brown colours and certainly not least of all, the tunes. This is pop before it was bastardized by teenage girls and Frisbie (The Marbles are another such band) are tapping into its glorious stream. Hailing from Chicago, Frisbie have been making some noise around the city's venues and radio stations. Indeed, this is as radio friendly as it gets. Top tapping melodies, Wilsonesque harmonies (It's not possible to review this band without referring to The Beach Boys) and overall, a sound so pretty it doesn't belong to this decade.

Album highlight is 'Shine', full of gorgeous harmony, an atmospheric rift and the line "my night is a drunken fight/ in a phone booth off the Interstate". Also engaging are Martha, a heartfelt croonfest and To See and To be Seen, a tuneful throwback to the 60s. The Shuffle, a banjo led album closer sounds like the Hillbilly Beatles. I'll avoid using the tempting frisbie clichés (give it a spin etc) in saying that this uplifting and inspired album will reaffirm your faith in music. Now, who said pop was dead?

Anne-Louise Foley

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