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DJ chat #1: Lottie

Ronan Fitzgerald caught up with one of the hottest DJs around, who's set to take over from Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 when he's on holidays, before she took to the decks in the Red Box - (read the review here)


So is this your first time in Dublin?
No, it's my 6th or 7th! I've been here loads of times! (My fault - RF)

Are there any particularly special records you've been playing that have been making everyone go mental?
Josh One - 'Contemplation' and obviously 'Love Story' by Layo and Bushwacka (Tim Deluxe remix), I've been playing for months but it's still like, y'know, big!"

Is there anything you think is going to break big in the next couple of months that hasn't yet?
'Transition' on Underground Resistance, which is a lot more techy and harder than what I normally play, but it's a really good record.

How's the summer been so far, any particular highlight?
Yeah, last Wednesday, actually, at Pacha. Underwater and Subliminal night, it was Darren Emerson, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, Josh Wink who made my night, and me and Mutiny.

What about the rest of the year, anything coming up, remixes or production or anything like that?
Yeah I've done a couple of tracks with Mutiny and Steve Mack, there's 3 tracks, which we've made, two which are just about to be promoed, and one we've nearly finished in the studio. And I'm doing Pete Tong's show twice in August while he's away.

So when you do the Radio 1 shows, do you get any training or do they talk you through it?
No, I kind of get thrown in the deep end really! I think I'll probably get training now, 'cos I'm gonna do more. But I did actually really get thrown in the deep end!

What's the worst thing about being as successful as you are now?
Looking really shit on a Sunday! And people recognizing you when you literally feel like death and you want to puke, you're so hung-over, and you know whoever's gone "Oh that's Lottie!" will turn around and go "she looked awful".

Do you get sick of getting asked questions about being a female DJ? Or is this one part of the problem?
Yeah! I hate them! (laughs).

You recently won the Dancestar "Best New DJ" Award, how do you react to that considering you've been around five years?
I don't know, they're weird, awards; aren't they? I didn't go 'cos I had a gig and I didn't want to cancel it. Obviously I was honoured, it's great to win an award and you know Yousef was in there as well, to be honest, I would have been happy whether I'd won it or Yousef had won it. But yeah, it seemed quite weird, it's quite difficult to define certain types of awards.

Do you think your style has changed since you started off supporting Brandon Block and Alex P?
It hasn't to be honest, I was supporting, so I always played early enough so I could play what I wanted. They were the only gigs I got, I wouldn't say it's changed really.

Who're your favourite DJs?
Josh Wink after hearing him on Wednesday night! Also Derrick Carter, Sneak, and Erick Morillo.

Favourite Live Act?
FC Kahuna.

Are the rumours that you're dating one of the guys from FC Kahuna true?
We're nearly 5 years together yeah, we live together.

Oops…no question of them being rumours then?
No! (laughs).

Favourite Club?
Oh my god...Back to Basics.

Favourite City?

The Exit Festival in Yugoslavia, amazing.

What's that like?
Amazing, unbelievable, I can't describe it. I DJed in front of 30,000 people and it really moved me, really brilliant.

What's your favourite record in your box right now?
(Long pause). God that's hard! My favourite record in my box? Mmm, there's one called DJ Alexi and Abigail that's really quite odd, really good, and, eh, probably Josh One 'Contemplation'.

Anything you want to promote/plug or say to our readers?
Glad to be back in Dublin!

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