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Reverend Horton Heat, Vicar Street, Dublin, 5th May 2001

This gig drew a very mixed crowd, due mainly to the Al Jourgenssen/Gibby Haynes connection. Alongside the quaffed 50s throwbacks was a hodge-podge of Goths, punks and assorted indie-kids. And, apart from some initial confusion as to whether the support band (a passable rockabilly act, but nothing special) was actually the Reverend & co, everyone seemed to get seriously into the kind of music that was old when many of their parents were young.

From the opening notes of the massive double-bass, played by the equally massive Jimbo and the initial sparkle of the Reverend's white suit, the joint went wild. Infused with the kind of energy that would put many new pseudo-punk bands to shame, the threesome blazed through almost two hours of wild, crazy psychobilly.

They ran through tracks like '400 bucks', 'Big little baby', 'Jimbo Song', 'Five-O Ford' a Gene Vincent cover, and many more, finally finishing the night up with a riotous rendition of 'Psychobilly Freakout' that seemed like it would never end, in the best possible way. And even the Reverend seemed taken aback by the chaos in front of him, as a throbbing mosh-pit formed and raged in front of them. They've promised to come back soon, and the sooner the better.

Donnacha DeLong

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