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Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, 12th December

Ger Whelan (aka Jerry Fish), once of An Emotional Fish, brought his vibrant mix of lounge, catchy rhythms, cool jazz, sizzled beats and soul to the tiny Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. After his self-imposed exile from music, he appears to have emerged all the better, with a subtly understated and diverse range of tunes. Ger rattled off songs such as 'Bob and God' and 'Anyway the wind blows' with a notably laid back approach. This type of music was a very refreshing sound, which managed to captivate and hold the audience attention with incredible ease. The variation in music was truly impressive and enthralled throughout the performance.

The biggest reaction was evoked by the latest hit 'True friends', which features on the recent Vodafone advertising campaigns. Throughout the whole performance, Jerry Fish fed off the audience admiration, and, in return, interacted superbly with the crowd, never missing a moment to involve them. Long gone is the sound of An Emotional Fish and, in its place, is an incredible sound that has reinvented Ger Whelan. His unmistakeable, but unique, voice is a delightful sound to the ears.

The music and voice combine to provide a great night's entertainment. Looking at Ger on stage with the Mudbugs, it is easy to see the enjoyment he gets from performing. An enjoyment, which he has said was once lost, but thankfully regained. Ger Whelan's enthusiasm and pride in his trade is admirable and it's fair to say that his audiences pick up on this. He is an icon to all true music-lovers of the '80s and '90s, and now again in the 21st century with his excitable return to music. Jerry Fish and the Mudbugs' show was a truly great entertainment and to be recommend to all, young and old.

PJ Ahern.

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