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We're planning to introduce ads on our What's On pages at a serious bargain basement price. There's three ad sizes, small (60px height), medium (120px height) or large (180px height). All three are 120px wide. There will be a maxium of 5 small ads on each What's On page (or one big and two small, two medium and one small, etc.)

Prices for all of 2003 (we mean it, up to December 31st):

  • Small ad = 160
  • Medium ad = 300
  • Large ad = 420

We will accept ads in .jpg or .gif format, static or animated and will be willing to change the ads over the year (up to once a month with at least 5 working days notice) so that you can advertise specific events.

If you're interested, please contact Donnacha DeLong -

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