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Club Review:

Monroes, Torquay
Featuring Punk Floyd Live on Tour - Saturday 28th Nov 1998

Well I trundled down to Torquay for the first time in ages for the Punk Floyd Tour. On arrival at the club I was pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of all the staff working the door. Never having been here before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was surprised to find the layout nowhere near what I imagined with the bar at the far end; a good amount of seating; and an average sized dancefloor, which was shrunk by the extra sound-system brought in for the night.

I arrived at about 9:00pm and so missed Crossy's set (sorry mate.) But, I caught Rowland the Bastard mangling his way through his hour before going on somewhere else to play again. Then it was the Live P. A. from PUNK FLOYD. Well, what can I say? Wicked Guys ... 2 hours of Dark Hard and Seriously Funky Acid Techno all played Live with bits and bobs of stuff you'd know and even more stuff you wouldn't know. Punk Floyd really are the masters of their Genre, But you'd have to expect that when they are Chris Liberator, D.D.R and Guy "GEEZER" McAffer.

The last hour was taken by Chris Liberator for an hour of the Funkiest Techno I've heard for ages. So at the end everyone who was there seemed to enjoy it (a few more could have turned up though) A lot of effort was put into this night by the promoters and by everyone else involved from DJ, s to Visuals. I actually quite liked the club as well and the only thing that let it down was that the Beer changed price by 20 pence every time I bought one (accident maybe).

As we all know the whole club experience can depend totally on promoters and what they put in to the night and it's not always the Club's fault if a night is crap. But, when The Fly put on a night they do put the effort in so they are worth supporting.

by Mad Iccy

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